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5 Forward Thinking Mental Wellbeing Solutions to Offer Your Workforce That Actually Work

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Effective mental wellbeing solutions include healthy eating, regular exercise, professional coaching/counselling, socialising and creating regular personal and professional performance goals to strive for.

With that being said, some companies are always on the lookout for convenient one stop mental wellbeing solutions to cater for the every emotional need of their employees. It’s great that they’re looking at all, but perhaps the answer to sustaining the wellbeing of their workforce doesn’t simply come conveniently pre packaged and branded.

Let’s take a closer look at the mental wellbeing solutions that are going to work for good in the long term.


Retention and sustainability are two very overused words in the business world, but never have they been more appropriate than when we’re considering effective long term mental wellbeing solutions.

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It’s time to see how your company could integrate an all encompassing mental wellbeing package.

#1-Make Exercising A Part Of Your Companies DNA

Exercise is an enormous part of maintaining a healthy frame of mind and it’s also one of the easiest to implement, most convenient solutions for a company to integrate into their business frame work.

office exercise

Large companies build on site gymnasiums, offer subsidised gym memberships, encourage regular activity through out of work exercise groups and even adopt an “exercise as standard” attitude during interviews by stating that regular movement breaks are both accommodated for and expected to keep the mind productive.

The beauty with this one is that you can spend as much or as little as you want. If you don’t have the budget to fund a gym, organising exercise orientated social groups and promoting regular movement doesn’t cost a penny.

#2-Provide Broader Access To Nutrient Rich Food

Along with exercise, food is at least on par with and probably more important than regular movement for achieving a healthy mental state because it serves as the frame work that underpins everything that we do.

It’s ok to offer access to cheap and convenient food for those who choose to use it, but you should also make sure that you can offer nutritious food types too. What goes in comes out and, if your employees aren’t receiving quality fuel, it’s going to be hard for them to produce quality work and achieve a healthy long term mindset.

healthy foods

You can integrate vending machines, offer healthier options at the canteen or if the budget is low even linking with local food companies to provide employee discounts helps a great deal, too.

#3-Encourage And Establish Regular Social Activity

Socialising in and out of work is another incredibly important aspect of achieving a healthier mindset and it also has a tremendous carry over in terms of developing important communication and team building skills.

A little like exercise, socialising is another great mental wellbeing solution because you don’t have to spend the world on creating situations and environments where people can effectively mix.

social meetings

At the top end of the scale you might have a budget for monthly or even weekly social activities funded by the company at popular locations. As a bare minimum you can create work groups relating to specific interests, organise cheap but fun social meetings or even just encourage the importance of talking to colleagues regularly.

Regardless of your preference, these options are all viable means of offering socialising as an effective mental wellbeing solution in your work place.

#4-Provide Access To Professional Coaching

When it comes to spending money on an asset to assist with the mental wellbeing of your work force, it’s safe to say that there’s probably not going to be a solution more effective than a professional coaching service.

Having the external perspective of a professional coach is always going to be life changing and evolutionary for the person who chooses to make use of it. This service will allow your work force to explore their personal and professional development as robustly as possible.

Professional Coaching

For those who rely on goal setting and exploring personal feelings as a minimum standard for achieving a healthy frame of mind, they’re likely to stay with a company for life should these needs be catered for.

This may seem like a costly blow to your company’s profit and loss accounts (though with the different work place professional coaching options available it truly doesn’t have to be), but it’s more the long term benefits and impact on everything from sickness levels to productivity that you should consider turning more of your attention to.

#5-Create An Open Door Policy

A great deal of the stress and anxiety in work places is often linked with employees feeling a total disconnect from the people they work for.

If you remember back to some of the thoughts and feelings you perhaps experienced as you were climbing the ladder, maybe it’s time to be the change that you always wanted to see in the world by making your employees aware that no question is a stupid question, no time spent on them is wasted and that you’re always here during working hours to support them?

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Creating an open door policy is a great way to ensure that your employees know that you’re here for them and that you’re genuinely interested in making them feel as productive and positive as possible. This will boost their emotional wellbeing enormously.


What kind of mental wellbeing solutions does your workplace implement to improve employee wellness? What’s working well? What isn’t?

Share this post to inspire other people you know to boost their mental wellbeing solution framework and let people know about some of the great mental wellbeing solutions you know about to expand on the areas we’ve discussed today.

The more solutions we can provide, the healthier the work places of our world can be.