Suffering From Workplace Stress

6 SureFire Signs That You’re Suffering From Workplace Stress (Even If You Don’t Know It)

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There are lots of signs that you’re suffering from workplace stress including sleeplessness, a lack of concentration or motivation to perform workplace tasks, anxiety, fatigue and even a lack of desire to engage in social activities inside or outside of the workplace.

Modern workplaces often move very fast in every area of their operation. This can make it difficult for us to put on the breaks and have a much needed “check-in” with ourselves to see how we’re really doing.

Not slowing things down from time to time can have dire consequences. We’re going to show you the 6 signs that you’re probably suffering from workplace stress to encourage you to give your emotional well being some much needed attention and care.


Though these signs may present themselves individually, they’ll often arrive in sync with one another. When the symptoms of workplace stress take hold of you as a collective, this is when the impact on your health can begin to elevate.

symptoms of workplace stress

#1-You’re Regularly Finding It Very Difficult To Concentrate At Work

We all have bad days where our creative capabilities feel a little stunted, but when these days start to become the norm that’s when you need to take a little time to consider whether or not there might be a more serious underlying reason as to why.

When was the last time you relaxed properly in your downtime without thinking about work? When was the last time that you had any downtime at all? If you’re struggling to remember, it’s likely that you need some emotional space to recharge your creative batteries.

Feeling anxious

#2-You Feel Anxious More Often And You’re Not Sure Why

Anxiety is a classic side effect we suffer when our nervous system isn’t getting the time it needs to properly recharge and allow us to have a healthy functioning mental foundation.  If you’ve noticed that you’ve been feeling anxious more lately (or even for the first time) it could simply be because you’re not taking enough time to take care of yourself.

Feeling anxious is natural when big changes take place in our working environment, but if nothing of significance has happened lately and you’re not quite feeling yourself, you probably just need to put your wellbeing first again for a few days and forget about work.

Constantly Tired

#3-You’re Constantly Tired

We don’t experience feelings of fatigue and being tired for no reason. These feelings are due to chemical reactions that the body sends out to let us know that we need to take some much needed rest.

It can be difficult not to feel tired at work sometimes due to the early starts and long days, especially during busy periods. But you know how you feel on a “normal” day and if it’s been a while since you last felt like that, then you’re likely suffering from workplace stress and need to take a well earned break.

If you try to go on full throttle all of the time, you’ll run out of the fuel you need to move forwards eventually.


#4-You’re Not Sleeping Very Well

Sleeplessness is a sign of a nervous system that isn’t well rested and is in a constantly agitated state. If you’ve started to struggle with sleep recently and there’s no clearly identifiable cause,  that cause could actually be your workplace.

Workplace stress doesn’t always come about as a result of excessive demands and large workloads. Sometimes it can simply be the accumulative impact of constantly engaging in workplace activity to the point that it consumes the majority of your life.

Think about how much time you’re spending at work, especially when you’re not at work. If you’re struggling to think about a time when you weren’t thinking about it, then it’s definitely time for you to stop thinking about it for a while.

Loss Of Interest

#5-A Loss Of Interest In Work Or Lack Of Care At Work

Have you ever woken up and headed into work with an overwhelming feeling of “I just don’t care what happens today?” Depending on how we currently feel based on present workplace circumstances, we probably all have at some point. You’ve only got a problem on your hands if this becomes your normal frame of mind.

People don’t arrive in a mental state like this because they don’t care about  their jobs. It usually happens because they care too much. When you focus too much of your available energy and resources into your workplace without leaving enough for yourself, eventually you’re likely to start feeling resentment towards every second you spare for your job.

Don’t forget to create and use vital relaxation periods to focus on your emotional wellbeing. Over delivering at work is completely fine, but try to ensure that you do this during the time that you’re actually at work to avoid burning out.

Loss Of Interest In Social Engagement

#6-A Loss Of Interest In Social Engagement In Or Out Of The Work Place

If you stop wanting to engage with your friends outside of work or even your colleagues during your time at work, this could be a tell tale warning sign that you need to step away from everyone for a while and have some alone time to focus on your emotional wellness.

Not everyone is a social butterfly, so not wanting to engage in social meetings doesn’t by default mean that you’re suffering from workplace stress. You know what “normal” looks and feels like for you though and, if it’s been a while since you acted like that, you probably need to take some much needed annual leave and focus on addressing your internal needs.

suffered from workplace stress


Can you think of a time when you suffered from workplace stress and what helped you to come to that conclusion? What tips would you give to others to help them realise that they might be suffering from workplace stress and are in need of a little downtime?

It’d be great if you could share this post whilst sharing your insights to help your friends and colleagues spot workplace stress before it becomes an issue so that they can take action and come back feeling positive, refreshed and fully recharged.