Most Successful People Ever to Use Professional Coach

The 6 Most Successful People Ever to Use Professional Coaches

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The most successful people using or who have previously enlisted the services of a professional coach to assist in their career and personal exploration are Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Hugh Jackman, Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber, and Oprah Winfrey.

The fact that these famous people use coaches or once used them further supports the idea that literally anybody can benefit from using a coach. Without further ado, here are the 6 most successful people ever to enlist the services of a professional coach.


Here is our list of the 6 most famous people who used coaches to help them achieve their personal and career goals.

#1-Steve Jobs-Entrepreneur And Apple Co-Founder

Steve Jobs-Entrepreneur And Apple Co-Founder
Steve Jobs-Entrepreneur And Apple Co-Founder

It’ll be hard for many people to get their head around the concept of Steve Jobs having a professional coach, but one of the restrictions of having an IQ of 160 (equivalent to that of Albert Einstein’s) is that your brain becomes quite limitless in scope.

As proven by Steve’s many accomplishments (including the development of the Apple brand to introduce products like the iPad and iPod), when his mind was focused and guided towards set objectives, he was unstoppable. He used a professional coach to help refine and narrow his endless field of potential so that he could accomplish one important task at a time. In so doing, he only ever achieved to a constantly high standard.

#2-Bill Gates-Founder Of Microsoft

Bill Gates-Founder Of Microsoft
Bill Gates-Founder Of Microsoft

Another member of the highly exclusive 160 IQ club, Bill Gates helped to shape modern computing and computer-based technology as we know it. What many people don’t realise is that he used a professional coach at several points in his career.

Of professional coaching, Bill once said that the reason why coaches are so valuable is because “you can never view yourself in the same way that other people do”. This is a very true statement, and through the use of external perspective to help guide him onwards in his personal and professional life, he has achieved an endless array of world-renowned accomplishments.

#3-Barack Obama-Ex-President Of The United States

Barack Obama-Ex-President Of The United States
Barack Obama-Ex-President Of The United States

Many people are going to remember Barack Obama for centuries as the first African American ever to sit in the oval office, but Barack was always more than just a president. He was an infectious and charismatic leader, and remains to this day a very savvy businessman.

Barack enlisted the help of a professional coach before becoming president, during his tenure as president and likely even continues to use one to this day following the end of his time in the White House.

As with the other well-known figures on this list, it’s easy to see how professional coaching has impacted Barack due to his well composed demeanour and charismatic approach to communication. This is a person who really knows how to hold himself, and this can only come from a heightened and practiced sense of self-awareness.

#4-Oprah Winfrey-World Famous Chat Show Host

Oprah Winfrey-World Famous Chat Show Host
Oprah Winfrey-World Famous Chat Show Host

Oprah is often the first and last name that comes to mind when you speak about chat shows in the modern day. It used to be Jerry Springer, but Oprah has helped to completely re-form people’s perspectives on exactly what a chat show really is and can be.

What makes Oprah such an effective host is her ability to communicate openly, supportively and charismatically whilst also ensuring that she focuses on the core content of the conversation. She shows a great deal of empathy but always ensures that she gets to the root of the discussion and reveals the answers that the public are really looking for. In a lot of ways, she’s the perfect coach herself.

It’s no surprise then that Oprah actually makes use of professional coaching to support her in both her day to day and career life. The impact of this coaching shines through in her hugely engaging conversational skills.

#5-Justin Bieber-Famous Singer

Justin Bieber-Famous Singer
Justin Bieber-Famous Singer

Justin Bieber is about as big of a name as it’s possible to be in the music industry, and from humble beginnings posting YouTube videos he has managed to become possibly the biggest solo pop artist of his time. Sadly, things haven’t always been smooth sailing for him.

Anyone who follows Justin knows that throughout his career, he has faced several ups and downs. This is sadly typical of anyone who rises to fame at a young age. As such, he has at various points in his career enlisted the help of a professional life coach, and the results of this have been hugely impactful.

Justin has managed to stabilise himself and is now known primarily for his music and idyllic personal life as opposed to his offstage antics. This is an individual who has undergone a great deal of personal development, and it’s clear that professional coaching has been indispensable in helping him to achieve this.

#6-Hugh Jackman-Famous Actor

Hugh Jackman-Famous Actor
Hugh Jackman-Famous Actor

Hugh Jackman is one of the most sought-after modern actors and he’s well known for being not only great on screen, but off-screen, too. Renowned for being a fantastic guy, you can get a real sense of who Hugh truly is through watching one of his interviews.

What makes Hugh so likeable is his down to earth, humble approach to the way that he projects himself when communicating with others. He has a great deal of self-awareness and he knows precisely how to place himself. It’ no surprise then that he has enlisted the help of professional coaching throughout his career.

The impact of this coaching is plain to see. Hugh appears to be a very reflective person with acute self-perspective. This is almost definitely a skill developed through several years of self-analysis and development alongside a professional coach.


There are obviously many, many more famous and successful people out there who use professional coaches. Do you know of any others that didn’t make today’s list? Who’s your favourite and what have you learnt from them?

Remember. No matter who you are today, a professional coach can help you to become who you really want to be tomorrow. This is true if you’re an office clerk or a high-flying CEO. We all need direction.