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6 Transformation Tips to Create Positive Change

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Physical and internal transformations can sometimes seem like an enormous undertaking but did you know that there are actually some super easy to implement steps we can all take to create immediate change?

The aim of today’s post is to give you a helping hand towards making a large personal or professional transformation to improve your life quality. Our six easy to implement tips will soon see healthy, positive change taking place.


Without further ado, let’s dive straight into our six tips to help you create healthy transformation in your life.

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#1-Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

The key to transforming is to take action whilst we feel inspired. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start making movement towards the version of reality you really want, because that inspired feeling might have dulled a little by the time you wake up.

When it feels right, you just need to take a little step in the right direction. No matter how small it is, it’ll make all the difference.

#2-Break It Down

A transformation is a big thing, but it is achieved via a smaller sequence of events. Create mini goals that are easily achievable rather than trying to conquer your end result with one large push of energy.

The bigger the push, the more likely you are to burn out. It’s about finishing the race and getting to your goal as opposed to getting there as fast as possible. Take it easy.

#3-Call On Support

No one is truly self made. Sure, you might have all the ideas and the focus and drive to achieve what you really want. But we all need a helping hand to fully tap into these innate resources.

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It’s really important that you keep a network of people close to you who truly have your best interests in mind before you undertake a transformational journey. Talk to these people regularly as you progress to keep you focused on the task at hand.

Remember that professional coaches are also a great resource to call on during a progressive journey. They can help to keep you moving towards everything that you need to achieve total fulfilment in every area of your life.

#4-Stop Now…

We’re all similar in that we often need to see positive results before we’re able to stop doing things that are bad for us.

This can be something as simple as having one too many takeaways or perhaps too many mid week alcoholic drinks. What it’s important to understand is that if we want to get to a point where we see positive results through stopping bad habits, we need to start curbing them now.

Try to forget Monday, or next month. Or any specific time frame.

Instead stop doing the things that are bad for you now and within a few days you’ll notice positive differences. These differences can come in the form of improved workplace focus and concentration, higher quality communication with others and feelings of better overall health.

#5-Sort Through Radiators And Drains

In much the same way that you should establish a support network of people that serve as your biggest “fans” as you progress on your transformational journey, you should also ensure that you spend less of your time with people that don’t support you.

Let’s be honest, not everybody wants to see us succeed.

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It’s often because of how they feel about themselves, but you’ll know the kind of people we’re talking about. They rarely compliment you, they only seem to take interest when you’re not feeling or doing great and generally they don’t make you feel like your best self.

Some people refer to those who contribute positive energy to our lives as “radiators”, and those who contribute negative energy as “drains.”

One of the best examples of an area of our lives where we’re likely to notice these types of people more than ever is at work. Who you surround yourself with at work can dictate your career trajectory.

Keep the wrong company and you’re sure to fall short of fulfilling your true potential.

Completely removing people isn’t always healthy because at certain times, we all experience highs and lows that can impact how we interact with others. These people may interact more positively with you at a later date.

Whilst they’re making you feel negative though? Perhaps just spend a little less time with them…there are probably other people that can contribute more towards your journey.

#6-Prioritise Your Actions

Just as important as creating bite sized goals and performing effective goal management in general is understanding which actions should actually go into the creation of these goals in the first place.

Not all actions are high quality nor do they provide us with much life value.

You may never have heard of it, but there is something known as the “Pareto Principle”. This principle simply suggests that out of every 100 tasks that we may perform, only 20 of them are actually going to be vital for achieving forward movement in our life.

When you’re able to form your goals and base your overriding transformation on the 20% of tasks that are vital to your healthy and positive advancement whilst spending less time working through the 80%. That’s when you see some truly phenomenal movement take place in your life.


Have you tried any of these six tips yourself? When reading about them do you recognise that someone you know isn’t doing one or several of them and that they’re stuck in a rut as a result?

It’d be great if you could share these tips with your friends and family so that they’ve got a helping hand towards creating some positive change.

Whether you use a professional coach to refine your transformational skills or use articles like this for support. The six areas we’ve discussed today will definitely lead to noticeable changes in every area of your life when properly implemented.