7 Habits of Successful Action Takers

The 7 Habits of Successful Action Takers

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Successful action takers call on a number of different tools to help steer them towards their personal and professional goals including personal accountability, adhering to high standards, having the ability to logically objectify and sidestep fear and always striving for job completion and movement over perfection to ensure a constant flow of productivity.

Today we’re going to cover the most impactful habits of successful action takers so that you can start to make your actions inside and outside of the work place more impactful.

The action takers who achieve their goals aren’t superhuman, they just have a very logical approach to their processes.


It’s time to supercharge your action taking skills by adopting the 7 habits of the most successful action takers in the world.

#1-Hold Yourself Accountable

If you’re serious about doing something, put your reputation on the line. Give someone else the ability to call you out if you aren’t doing what’s necessary to achieve your goals by telling them exactly what you want to achieve.

Hold Yourself Accountable

By making someone else aware of what you’re doing, whether it’s a close friend, work colleague or professional coach, the stakes are raised and you know that if you don’t achieve what you set out to then someone else will know.

That creates a powerful feeling that leads to enormous forward movement and the most successful action takers use this to their advantage.

#2-Assume That Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist

Progression is all about taking inspired action at the exact moment that you feel inspired. That feeling might not exist tomorrow.

If you want to get things done for the future, it’s really important that you take the action needed to achieve them today. Waiting longer often just leads to inaction and procrastination.

#3-Have The Ability To Objectify Fear

Fear is a human emotion. It serves as an inbuilt safety mechanism that leads to us acting with more caution than we would in a fearless state. Because many people are afraid of not achieving their goals, this means that they experience fear before they even set out to conquer them.

Ability To Objectify Fear

Successful action takers know that they can’t stop the feeling of fear, but they also understand that it’s a chemical response. It’s not a logical reason to not try something. They learn to attack their goals even whilst they’re processing the emotional responses associated with fear.

They also know that as they advance, these feelings begin to subside. It’s all about taking the initial and crucial first steps.

#4-Maintain High Personal Standards

The measure of a person’s integrity isn’t usually what they do when they know that others are watching, it’s actually what happens away from the prying eyes of others when no one else is there to judge.

High Personal Standards

The most effective action takers treat their personal responsibilities with as much respect and discipline as their professional responsibilities. If they’ve scheduled to exercise at 7:PM after work, they do it. If they tell their friend that they’re meeting them for drinks on Saturday at 1:PM, they do it.

This is because action takers know that when you make one excuse for not doing something, this can lead to the flood gates opening and thousands more being created. They understand the importance of placing a high value on the commitments they make regardless of the area of their life those commitments relate to.

This optimises their mind for a high level of day to day functionality and attainment.

#5-Don’t Make Things Perfect, Make Things Work

So many people become obsessed with the idea of making something perfect before they consider it to be truly finished. What this usually means is that a large percentage of the actions they set out to undertake are simply never completed.

The key to progression is to keep things moving. You can only do that when you don’t obsess over perfection and instead focus on productivity. If you’re trying to make something work, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Even if you know something isn’t perfect, let others see it and mould the perfect version using their feedback. Perfection is a bit of an illusion and even if you do think something is perfect, the chances are that others are still going to have constructive feedback to offer.

Skip out the wasted time and focus on completing tasks when they’ve been finished to a “good” standard as opposed to a perfect standard. You’ll get far more done and you can quite literally use the feedback of others to finish the job in the way it was always meant to be completed.

#6-Own The Monkey

There’s an old thought concept  known as “passing the monkey.” What this process refers to is the act of deflection, whereas a person doesn’t want to assume responsibility for something so they instead try to place it onto someone else.

Own The Monkey

The concept asks the user to imagine responsibility as a monkey on someone’s shoulder that is quite literally passed onto the other persons shoulder the moment that responsibility is handed over to them.

Successful action takers don’t try to unload their monkey onto another person. Instead, they keep it on their shoulders, work through what they need to work through and eventually get rid of the monkey. In so doing, they learn more about themselves and the actions they’re undertaking.

By passing the monkey onto someone else, you’re only robbing yourself of vital personal development.

#7-Take Small Steps

As the saying goes, inch by inch is a cinch, mile by mile is a trial.

The key to taking successful action is to not try and achieve every part of your goal in one day. This is how so many people fail to achieve what they truly want. Instead, effective action takers understand the need to create mini goals that they can focus on daily.

You can’t clear a flight of stairs in one giant leap, but you can definitely do it one step at a time.


Are you ready to become one of the most successful action takers? Perhaps you have more tips to share with people on your friends list who have hit a mental road block that you’ve taken from other action takers yourself?

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