Staying Enthusiastic

8 Easy Tips for Staying Enthusiastic

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There are so many simple and effective ways to stay enthusiastic including temporarily removing negative influences from your life, kicking bad habits to the curb and speaking to professional coaches, friends and family.

Regardless of the particular path you need to take to restore some much needed enthusiasm into your life, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s actually not quite as hard as it can sometimes seem.


We want to help you to feel enthusiastic as much as you do, so we’re going to give you our 8 simple steps to achieving a healthy outlook on life again.

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#1-Tidy Up Your Social Media Closet

We mentioned in a previous post that some people can be “radiators” and others “drains”. Following on from that theme, it might simply be time for a much needed sort through of your social media contacts list and the pages that you follow.

No negative fall outs are necessary, just try to isolate people, pages and groups that might be broadcasting a negative frequency to you. It might be time to pay a little less attention to them. You could easily do this by hiding notifications from their pages for a while.

#2-Positively Charge Your Viewing Content

You can use all forms of media to inspire and enthuse yourself.

If like many you can’t fathom the thought of coming away from social media or any form of media for that matter. Simply consider being a little more selective about what you choose to see.

Try only watching programs or following groups/people that align with your goal attainment and help to instil you with healthy, forward thinking energy. Remember that what you see on any media platform is always up to you.

#3-Talk To Like Minded People

Like minded people are radiators. They project the energy that you need to be able to feel comfortable with yourself and the world around you. Familiarity and the impact that it can have on your mind set should never be underestimated.

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Try to spend as much of your time as possible with people who have the same interests and goals as you if you want to stand a better chance of feeling better and more motivated in general.

#4-Do Less Of What Makes You Feel Bad

Some of the things that we do are really bad for achieving a healthy mind. It doesn’t matter whether these activities take on the form of substance use, consuming food or placing ourselves in an altered state of mind by removing ourselves from the world around us.

Try to think about the activities that you do the most, when they started and how they make you feel. If they’re draining your ability to be able to feel motivated and enthusiastic? Stop doing them and replace them with something that does.

#5-Tune Out From The News…

Whether it’s newspapers or watching the news channels/broadcasts. Whilst it’s certainly important that we know what’s going on in the world, do we really need to see the news as frequently as some of us do?

Much of the content is negatively orientated. This is often through necessity to create an impact.

That isn’t to say that the content isn’t real, but once you’re aware of your day to day surroundings enough to be able to function healthily professionally and personally whilst showing due diligence to others. Perhaps consider that you don’t need the negativity being projected by the news as often as you’re currently receiving it?

It might be worth cutting back on your news viewing or reading, even if it’s only a little.

#6- The Answer To Making You Feel Happy Is Probably Already In You

We’re often very focused on achieving goals that we believe we should strive for based on what other people and the outside world tell us that we should strive for. Sometimes these goals don’t have anything to do with our emotional well being, though.

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If you’re suffering from a lack of enthusiasm it might simply be because you’re prioritising goals and activities that aren’t actually in line with what you need for fulfilment. Instead, take some time to remember who you are and what actually makes you happy.

Consider focusing on these areas more often.

#7-Are You Being Challenged?

Maybe your professional and personal circumstances aren’t the issue. Maybe you just need to set some goals in order to feel enthusiastic again?

When was the last time that you really felt like you had something to aim for at home or at work? If the answer is that you can’t remember, then it’s definitely time to consider establishing some new goal posts and getting to work. We all need to feel challenged in order to feel stimulated.

#8-Get Some Honest And Impartial Feedback

Whether it’s through a professional coach or work colleague (perhaps a line manager). Sometimes in order to feel enthusiastic you just need an assessment of your situation from the outside in.

This can be a great way to understand the reasons why you might be feeling a little frustrated and where you might be stagnating. Asking for impartial feedback is brave, but it’s also the most effective way to understand how we can grow.

When you know how to grow, it’s so much easier to feel motivated because you want to start progressing.


Have you tried any of the tips in our post today? Did they work for you? We’d love it if you could share our suggestions with your friends and family to help them to re instil a healthy outlook.

The most important tip of all is simply to talk to others, whether it’s a professional coach or someone that you trust to provide you with impartial, practically useful support. This is always going to be the most effective step towards achieving an enthusiastic outlook again.