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Meet your Professional Life Coach



I am naturally a passionate person, wanting to empower people in discovering the best of themselves.

Looking back, it all started in 2010/11, when I had my first experience of coaching within a business environment. During the coaching program, I was able to experience an overwhelming feeling of clarity and empowerment. Prior to that moment, I had no knowledge of coaching and was sceptical of the unknown.

I knew I found my passion and purpose.
That was the start of my coaching journey and now COACH TRIUMPH!

I knew I found my passion and purpose of life. That was the start of my coaching journey and now COACH TRIUMPH!

Untitled design 63Since my introduction to coaching, back in 2010, I have coached many individuals, through word of mouth. Back in 2018/19, I finally decided to invest in gaining professional coaching insights, recognition, and development. That is when I enrolled in an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited Diploma in Coaching conducted by Full Circle Global. I am presently a recognised Professional Coach,  ICF ACSTH, and continue to invest in professional coaching development. I specialise in Life Coaching and Career Coaching

With the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, I sensed it is time to reach out and connect with more people and enable a discussion about life. With that humble inspiration, COACH TRIUMPH was born!

I am also a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA), with over 16 years of business experience. I work with fast-growing small and medium enterprises and multinational companies across multiple industries. Example: Johnson and Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Gilead Sciences, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Credit Suisse, Siemens, and Ernst & Young. In my business capacity, creating efficiencies, finding solutions, and coaching individuals motivate me the most.

I love traveling & food, connecting with nature, watching sports, especially cricket. I am also a keen follower of the innovative & disruptive technology revolution.

I want to remain true to myself, in the endeavour of investing in people, enabling a discussion about life, and seeing the possibilities of discovering the true potential of each individual. I hope through Coach Triumph, I can contribute!

- Suraj Fernando FCA
Professional Coach - ICF ACSTH & CCE