6 Areas of Coaching

The 6 Areas of Coaching

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Often people associate coaching purely with business guidance, but a professional coach improves your overall life quality by focusing on self-exploration, gaining understanding of and unlocking ones potential through establishing goals and providing guidance on when to take action. All the while they remain enthusiastic and encourage you to make transformational changes.

Today we want to make you aware of precisely how a professional coach can add massive value to your life and help you to make impactful progress with your personal and professional development.


The end result of professional coaching programs and University degrees can be massively varied depending on the individual who undertakes their teachings and eventually carries them out.

The six constants of coaching always remain though. A good coach will provide guidance across these 6 vital areas by either encouraging you to explore them yourself, or by leaning on the tools that these areas offer to lead you to self-betterment both personally and professionally.



Exploration is the vital starting point for any recipient of coaching. Before we’re able to start unlocking our potential we first need to consider who we are, what we do and what makes us feel fulfilled.

A professional coach will encourage you to explore these thoughts and feelings in as much detail as possible whilst they also explore who you are in turn to produce a positive action plan that’ll lead you to better physical and mental health.



Our potential largely revolves around the areas of our lives that are really important to us. If we’re not nurturing these areas then our mind will never be honed to achieve self betterment.

All good coaches are able to help you explore what really matters to you so that you can protect these areas of your life and the people that they involve. This in turn allows you to fire on all cylinders and be the best version of you.

When you’re the best version of you, that’s when you’re truly fulfilling your potential because you’re able to perform maximally in every area.



You probably want to do lots of things, but like anyone you might sometimes be guilty of not knowing exactly how to do them.

This is where goals come in and it’s amazing how easy it is to do more of what we want to do when somebody helps us to break these ideals down into manageable stepping stones.

Through considering the areas of your life that lead to you feeling fulfilled and “well”, this is where a professional coach can really dive into effective detail by helping you to create a logical, actionable map that’ll lead towards the achievement of the actions that’ll truly make you happy.



If we were all capable of taking action on our own then it’s safe to say that we’d all be doing more of the things that we really want to do. The truth is that we often need someone else to give us a gentle nudge in the right direction, at the right time.

The most effective coaches will take the time to learn about your best interests and what you need in life to be the best version of you. Once they’ve helped you to create a logical path towards your fulfilment, they’ll then provide guidance on when to take action and make forward movement.

An impartial individual (like a professional coach) is often the most effective way of determining when to take action because the people that know us best will by default be emotionally impacted by their connection to you.

A great coach doesn’t have that same emotional attachment so they can advise on when and how to act if you want self betterment at a time that is truly going to be the most effective for you, based on logic and rationale.



Excellent coaches bring enthusiasm in abundance. They use it to deliver effective information to you in a way that’ll make you genuinely want to listen and take action whilst also demonstrating the impact that using enthusiasm yourself can have.

Slowly but surely a coach will be able to guide you towards owning and harnessing enthusiasm in order to find the will-power and healthy energy you need to perform the actions that lead to fulfilment.

This vital area is the glue that holds the rest of the coaching points together. Without enthusiasm we simply won’t approach the actions we need to take with a healthy and effective frame of mind.



This is ultimately the end result that every professional coach works towards and every coaching client strives for. In order to achieve your goals and attain life fulfilment, you’re going to need to transform.

Often people are afraid of change but if we make minor changes to our daily processes, thoughts and actions then it’s amazing what kind of life quality we’re able to achieve. Coaches can make us feel completely at ease with these changes.

You’ll find that by the end of an effective forward thinking coaching process, you’ll quite literally have changed how you function and transformed into a different version of your old self. For the better.


As you can see, coaching isn’t just for business people. It’s for all aspects of personal and professional development. There’s quite literally nothing about you or any area of your life that can’t and won’t improve through the use of high quality coaching.

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