Attracting The Right Partner

Why You’re Not Attracting The Right Partner

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It’s not intentional but If you’re not attracting the right partner, it’s probably because of the way you’re presenting yourself. If you’re not investing in yourself, adding value to others, being genuine and letting your true personality shine through then it’s time for you to make some all-important changes.

Here’s why you’re not attracting the right partners and how you can change things to find true happiness.


Let’s take a look at how you can attract the right partner and put an end to the bad luck you’ve been experiencing in your love life.

Be The Real You

This tip is often overused but it’s probably the most fundamentally important aspect of finding a compatible partner and entering into a successful long-term relationship.

It’s not intentional, but many people do something called ‘peacocking’ when they first meet and start to spend time with a romantic partner. Peacocking is where a person tries to display themselves in the most desirable fashion possible in order to enhance their attractiveness to the opposite sex.

be the real you

People do this via wearing certain clothing, acting in a certain way or even pretending to share the same interests as the person they are sat with. The issue with this is that as time goes on and should you end up in a relationship with this person, then they are going to find out that how you projected yourself to be in the beginning and who you really are don’t meet in the middle.

It’s always better to be completely authentic from the moment you meet someone. This does require a high degree of self-security and awareness, but through regular sessions with a professional coach or time spent with any mentor/role model, you’ll be able to work on these areas and increase your chances of getting things ‘right’ from the get-go next time you meet someone.

Add Value To Others

You shouldn’t focus on being kind to others and enriching their lives purely to attract a new partner, you should try to do this simply because it’s a generous and healthy thing to do. With that said, there’s nothing more attractive than someone who is viewed as being kind and supportive by others.

helping others

Helping others is a great way to help yourself. Acts of kindness actually support a healthier state of emotional well-being within you, meaning that when you’re being kind and supportive you’re also improving your own emotional health and allowing yourself to be the best version of you that you possibly can be.

Helping others is also a sign of self-security and shows that you possess leadership ability and confidence. These are attractive traits for a person to have and will allow you to emit a frequency that attracts like-minded people to you. Generosity will attract generosity in turn, and you’ll end up spending time with people that support your positive thoughts, feelings and actions.

One of these people could well end up being your future partner.

Invest In Yourself

Though not everyone is likely to admit it, it’s difficult to be attracted to somebody who has no future prospects in their professional or personal life. Many potential partners like to see that someone is ‘going’ somewhere and that they have an intention to progress throughout their life.

investing in yourself

If you’re not currently doing anything to further your personal or professional situation and you’re the kind of person that is content to ‘stay put’, then you should be aware that this could potentially be quite off-putting for members of the opposite sex.

There are many people out there that want to be with someone who has plans to constantly evolve and achieve. Sometimes, two people meet who are like-minded and they’ll remain happy if not a great deal changes with their mutual situations. However, it’s more than likely that two people will want assurance from each other that they’re going to keep on progressing throughout their lives.

There are many reasons why someone might see personal evolution as a desirable trait, but largely it ties into needs and wants relating to future circumstances, whether it’s having children and wanting to be able to support them effectively or buying a forever home. These are the kind of things that people tend to think about.

If someone doesn’t think that they’ll be able to achieve their life goals with you, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to attract them. It’s important to upskill yourself and focus on your emotional well-being as much as possible in order to stay on a progressive and positive path in every area of your life.

Do More Of What You Love

When you’re doing something you love whether it’s focusing on a hobby or spending time with loved ones, you’re going to be your best emotional self. It’s also very healthy for a person to have their own unique interests and engagements in life. This is a reassuring sign of self-identity and independence.

best emotional self

When a potential partner sees that you have a distinct personality and interests, this is likely to increase your attractiveness to them and allow you to ‘pull-in’ likeminded people who share the same passions as you.

Simply through doing more of the activities in life that you love, you’re more likely to meet someone similar to you and that you have a great deal in common with. This is a great way to meet and attract the right partner.


By focusing on your own development whether it’s through enlisting the help of a professional coach or seeking guidance from any one of several mentors in your life, you’ll find it significantly easier to find the right partner.

This is because you’ll be able to work on your self-awareness and set meaningful goals that allow you to advance in life. To anyone looking in from the outside, this is going to prove to be an irresistible combination of traits. Not only that, but you’re likely to get interest from people that are exactly like you. Common ground is incredibly important when it comes to the successful fruition and survival of any relationship.

How did you meet your partner? What did you do differently to find the right person before meeting them? Can you remember a time when you didn’t heed any of the above advice, and what was the impact like on your love life?

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